Rainbow Play Dough


By some miracle, both girls slept until 7:10 Sunday morning.  As I was feeling much more rested than with my usual 5:45 am Amelia wake-up call, I decided to try a playdough recipe I saw on the most amazing website for homemade kids activites, Tinkerlab.IMG_4690The kids helped me measure out the ingredients and stir them all together before I put it on the stove.

10 minutes later the gloppy mess had magically turned into perfect playdough!  I cut it into four balls and gave each girl two.  IMG_4634Lily wanted hers to be pink and teal, Amelia wanted purple and yellow.  I had ordered natural food coloring a while back so I put a few drops on each ball and let them knead it together.IMG_4630For some reason the combo of blue and green came out the color of pumpkin pie–which was seasonally appropriate, but weird.  Tinkerlab had an article on pumpkin pie playdough, so I thought I would add some pumpkin pie spices.

IMG_4691It was a huge hit.  I grabbed some Halloween cookie cutters, plastic knife, and rolling pin and the kids were entertained for nearly an hour, and I got two peaceful cups of coffee (before the fighting began).IMG_4631If I had used regular food coloring and bleached flour, I’m sure the colors would be more vibrant, but the girls definitely didn’t seem to mind.IMG_4632

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